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I couldn't agree with you more Sidney, we should all respect each other's beliefs.
Excellent photos and subject.

luna miranda

what an interesting gate! this sect is certainly different...

i hope you had a restful Holy Week!


Coucou des Philippines, Sidney !
Merci de passer ramer sur ma galère pendant que je plonge...
A bientôt


Spectacular images. I hope everyone gives due regard to your request. Nice series.

Ashish Sidapara

Its always nice to learn every time i visit here, keep it up!


It's nice to see and hear about this group, especially knowing how private they are.


Very interesting. I've never been to Mt. Banahaw but I had been invited there before as a journalist. Thanks for sharing this privileged info.

Faith is indeed a very personal thing. One should simply respect other people's belief system.

Happy Easter in advance, Sidney!

P.S. I do see a rectangle Swiss flag plastered on the gate. :-)


I understand perfectly. You should never make fun of someone's beliefs.


Tant que les croyants et non croyant se respectent nous n'aurons pas de guerre de religions.


you always have good stories to tell including this one.


C'est beau d'avoir la foi... pour ma part je ne suis pas atteins par la croyance... quelle qu'elle soit !


these are very beautiful!, thanks for sharing them!


Tena koe ehoa
Wow fantastic images Sidney and a great source of textual support to accompany them.


What are their form of beliefs?

Everyone has the right to believe in any faith as long as it is not misused; it's fine. Plus all of us have different belief systems.


haggis basher

I hate to say it but this is weird, but then its no weirder than the Mormons, Pentecostal's orJehovah's Witnesses. These are accepted mainstream religions now.


After reading your post I kept thinking how much I have learned since I visit your web page...did I ever thanked you? :):))


This has been an excellent topic and great photos Sidney. Keep up the good work.

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